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https://www.bunkertype.com/q8bpt29f https://carockayaks.com/yl25oipab My name is Vanessa and this is my Diary. My Personal Pages. My Thoughts and words. I add stories about other people, so you can understand my own.


https://herrerodetejada.com/ts72qcqf Join me on my path to Self Discovery, Spiritual Connections, and being the Positive Influencer I aspire to be! I am more than a Single Mother, a Special Needs Parent, Decision Maker, and the Driver. I’m still a Beautiful Woman inside, too. Even with a Prolactinoma Brain Tumor diagnosis, I am blessed to struggle through another day. Finding my Dreams and Positive Influences (butterflies, astrology, empathy, etc) is building a new road to beginnings. All the Signs and Dreams led me to start my Podcast. Promote Awareness and Support for the Special Needs Community. We are not alone.

https://urbanriverlab.com/zs37gae3043 https://www.goyasubastas.com/jony9285vtz Thank you for listening and giving me the push to continue on my Journey!


Smile from your Heart. https://casapiera.com/7t860bkgg https://urbanriverlab.com/e75an6idxvo Be Positive. https://mundoautonomos.org/8aqtt7w I Will, too!