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Butterfly Moon

To My Luna,

I Dedicate this Diary to you 🦋

I hope one day you will understand how much you truly mean to me. You have been my Strength, my Hope, and my Inspiration. All the nights I held you a little tighter. Watching you quietly wondering what the future holds. I love you more than anything in this world and words can’t express what your kisses and hugs did for my soul. Even through all my health struggles, my Prolactinoma Brain Tumor diagnosis and dealing with breast biopsies. Praying for more time with you with each dreaded result. Seeing this day, knowing I get to have so many many more years to share with you; is a dream come true! Listening to your sweet voice call me Mommy, accomplishing little sentences, and trying to communicate and show your independence; Your infectious smile hits me in the heart every time! You have never let anything stand in your way, I want to believe you got that from me, and I know we will take it all to the moon one day! Together! You shine like a Star and I’m SO SO PROUD to call you mine 🦋

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Smile from your Heart.
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I Will, too!

Butterfly Moon Mama