Life Equals Lessons | Season 1 – Season 3

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Life Equals Lessons |
Season 1 – Season 3

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Hello Butterflies and Beautiful Souls!


My name is Vanessa and welcome to my Diary! My personal pages. I’m proud to say, my baby girl turned 5! This is a huge milestone for both of us! Especially, when I wasn’t sure where I would be in life last year. Testing for two major health issues kinda brings out the goals in me! Believing this pandemic would slow down. Wanting to plan this big birthday party. I had to play it safe! So, Luna had a Barbie Birthday ‘Drive Through’ Parade! Family and friends honking their horns and wishing Luna, “Happy 5th Birthday” was totally worth it! I just don’t want to look at balloons anymore! Lol. I made this huge balloon arch! Balloon pillars. Balloons I threw all around the room, so Luna would wake up on her official birthday to a balloon celebration! Even with a little machine I got; my fingers were raw from pulling, tugging, and twisting! I even made this Barbie Pink Car with a picture I got enlarged of Luna’s head driving it! Pretty proud of my creative skills. Lol.


I just want Luna to keep smiling. Dimples and all! No worries. Eventually as she gets older comes responsibilities. It’s always on my mind about the financial future of my daughter; and who will raise and support her. Every parent has those thoughts! I try talk to her about anything and everything. Keeps our bond going and maybe I like to hear myself talk lol. I ask about her day. Did she make friends? What happened in school? What’s her favorite color? Do you see the fire truck? Sing the wheels on the bus. She walks by and I make funny faces at her. Sometimes she does it back! lol. It helps when we’re at the doctor’s, too! She drags me to dance and I spin her during the Beauty Beast songs. Somehow I’m a fashion designer of Barbies clothes. All day, I hear on and off. Same outfits, different barbies, and don’t get me started on the shoes! Parents complain about stepping on legos. Try barbie shoes! Little itty bitty heels! You’re like busting out breakdancing moves when you step on one! Lol. I’m holding my foot in pain, because with one shoe is two, and I got moves you wouldn’t believe! Lol. Plus, a mad little girl who just lined or color coordinated the runway! Lol.


Honestly, everyday, I get to see her communication skills. I just have to have patience. Listen with my eyes more than my ears. Recognize her pointing or her words. Sometimes a sentence! She amazes me with her drive to learn. Her bright little personality. I always say, I have the loudest non-verbal child! Lol. She has pitch and tone and really starting to pretend play! The loud singing (might not understand all her words) but her dancing around is infectious! Even if she doesn’t respond back usually, I believe she’s able to store a small portion of what I’m trying to tell her too. Maybe, tomorrow she will grasp what I’m saying. A bit of a learning curve, but the best outcome! See, she just stores information and reacts differently than others. In the end, we all have some unique way of processing things.


Here’s an example of what one of Luna’s therapist told me. She has sensory issues when it come to food, right. When we’re eating, as we put food in our mouth, we automatically chew and swallow. It’s already programmed in our brain. Like second nature! You break down the food, keep chewing, no matter how much is in our mouth. Because we don’t want to choke! Luna will continue stuffing her mouth. Sometimes choke. Even when I cut up little bits of pieces. Why? In order for her brain to send the signal to chew, she relies on the huge mouthful. Her senses. The expanded cheeks. Pockets of food. Takes a second to signal the brain, to automatically chew, but now she is having a hard time breaking down all that food. Swallowing too much equals choking. And with therapy, work, and lots of motivational talks…she’s been slowly learning! See, everyone stores information in their own way. Were all just eating at our own pace! One in the same!


Just like I want to believe I’m raising her to the best of her abilities. Not using her disability as an excuse. Remind her of the, Thank You’s. Please. Sorry. I will praise her for accomplishments, just like I will explain if she did something wrong. Autism doesn’t define my baby. In my heart, Luna will be fine, and she will be loved and supported. Independent or with someone special. Together they can build their world by their standards. Push each other to the best of their capabilities and a strong future.

Honestly, I wish life lessons were taught in high school. Like opening a bank account, credit worthiness, buying a car, buying a house, savings, stocks, insurance, and retirement. It’s sad our future generations aren’t prepared. Aren’t shown life goals at a young age. What money truly means. Even for Luna, I don’t want her to depend on the system. Stuck by her assets instead of moving forward. Do you want a job or a career? College. Can you do it all? Works towards your dreams! I do agree that not everyone is made for college. There really are a lot of people who mentally struggle sitting in a classroom and prefer to be hands-on. You gotta appreciate the labor jobs, grocery workers, food servers, and even the school or nurse assistants. What some people call the little people, but really the big reason our economy strives! Definitely hard workers! That’s why I would tell Luna, do you want to work for a respectable job? Do you want to take it to the limit and build your career or do you want to just sit here? Make sure that you don’t make under a certain amount, because then you will lose your benefits? Compared as a number or become a statistic!?!


Let me tell you something, it was my first week taking Luna to her first school program. Instead of sitting in front of the school, lol, I actually drove to a store to pick a few things up. Shocker…I know! I couldn’t help it. I was THAT mom for a while. I still am! Lol. As I was turning down an isle, I watched a young girl standing in front of picture frames. An older woman off to the side, waiting, acting like she’s looking at something. The girl looked overwhelmed holding the frame in her hand; trying to figure out where to put it. Her blue store shirt still brand new. I realized the older woman was her mom. She was trying to explain where the frame went. I watched them amazed. Trying not to stare but hopeful. The mom put it in the correct spot; but then she handed it back to her to make her do it herself. They did it about three times. At the end, the girl was clapping! I was really proud, too.


As I walked off, to continue shopping, there was a group of teenagers and young adults huddled together at the back of the store. I know they were Special Needs. Just waiting around for some guidance. Taking turns to teach each other. A few clapped, proud, just to being so carefree. The simple things, like a pat on the back! Thank you! Awesome job! You did wonderful. I know you don’t really hear a lot of that; especially in a workplace. Sadly. You know, I give those parents credit! Standing around letting them figure out things for themselves. Taking and pushing their children out of their comfort zone. I think this was truly a wake up call for me. I couldn’t keep Luna in a bubble. It opened my eyes to possibilities! I really do THANK them for showing me another outlook in life. Especially, at that time, I was just struggling with Luna’s Autism diagnosis.


That’s why I’ll keep saying, I’m never going to stop pushing Luna to want more! I’m not going to sit here and say, “Okay. Well, you know, if you’re scared or you can’t handle something; I’m just going to pull you from the world, the public, and keep you in the house.” So you can never experience the fun things, like amusement parks or parties with family and friends. Simple things, like the park playgrounds. Luna’s learning to ride her new ziggler scooter. I totally recommend that bike, especially for children that have a hard time with coordination. Even a restaurant! Yes, some people aren’t going to be understanding. Probably uncomfortable. Yes, people will stare. That’s life! Don’t base it on them. Hold your own. Keep pushing forward. Head up! If you keep making excuses and quick decisions; you will lose out on some precious memories! If I hold Luna back, who does that benefit!?!


You know, when I was sixteen, I used to volunteer at a Special Needs School. It was right by my mom’s house. Such a wonderful program! They would take the older kids to the store to teach them how to shop for food and their basic needs. Give them shopping lists. Teach them how to pay for their items and how much change they will receive back. They even had a little shop area. A car wash in the back. The community would bring their cars to support the program. Even teach them how to cook and do dish washing. How to ride buses. It’s definitely teaching them life lessons and job skills. Plus, it shows them independence and builds confidence. We could all learn some life lessons. I know I can! I just wish I remembered all of them. Lol. It’s definitely to learn from my past. I’m not here for that talk! Lol. I just want Luna to create her own.


I heard a saying…. It was about dealing with a Spiritual Awakening. a.k.a, the biggest Life Lesson of your life! “All that has been lost will be returned in a different form.” Powerful right! Because you truly hit rock bottom before you can start rising back to the top! Even through this pandemic. So much loss. It truly brings reflection. Grants us Compassion. Hope. Blessings. Possibilities. If I didn’t struggle, accept loss and just get out my comfort zone, I wouldn’t be here talking to you. Something I never thought I would be brave enough or even capable of doing! No excuses and quick decisions. Most of our life’s motto. Let me ask you, What’s your biggest life lesson? And Please share it with someone. Anyone. Teach and preach. We can’t control the outcome, but be opened to acceptance. Change. I think that’s the hardest one most of us struggle with. Going with the times. Technology. Social media. How to boil water. Change a tire. Balance your checkbook! Lol. A little old school…we got online banking! See, we could all use some life lessons. I’m still learning mine. I’m sure one day, Luna will be teaching me new technology. The trends. Holds my hand to help me cross the street. Take me to an amusement park on my scooter (make sure it’s bright red when I fly by honking my horn lol), and cutting up little pieces of food so I don’t choke! Just take a moment to share.


So Remember.

Stay positive.

I will, too.