Every podcaster needs a website. Whether you believe this to be true, you can trust us – after all, we are Podcast Websites. We are the types of people who believe a strong website leads to strong relationships with your listeners

MISTAKE #1: No Plan

Most people who are not web designers have no idea how to make a website plan, and why should you? You’ve been very busy collecting wisdom about the thing you’re doing a show about, which is perfectly understandable.

When beginning a website, always start with the end in mind, for 2 reasons.

Firstly, overwhelm sets in VERY quickly. Before you know it, you’ve rushed to get the website done and not REALLY thought out what you want your website for, or what it can do for you when properly planned out.

MISTAKE #2: The Naked About Page

Did you know that the about page is the second most visited page on most websites? If visitors can’t get what they want from the home page, that page is the very next place you look.

If this is the case, your next course of action is to optimize this page as much as possible. Yes, your about page should talk about you and your story, what’s brought you to the creation of the podcast.

But you can also maximize this space for achieving your goals as well. Itching to be a speaker? Talk here about past experiences and add some testimonials and maybe even sample video. Can’t wait to start consulting people? Weave a tale of your wisdom and work process and add in some words from happy customers.

MISTAKE #3: Your opt-ins and lead magnets simply aren’t good enough

While we’re on the subject of lead magnets, how exactly are you enticing people to join your email list?

“Get the next episode” isn’t really a big draw, since they can just subscribe for that. “Get our newsletter” – who wants that? Are YOU signing up for newsletters left and right? We are trying to get RID of our email newsletters.

MISTAKE #4: Your Show Notes

The most common thing ever: the show note synopsis.

Have you ever purchased a book because the back of it seemed irresistible? Does it say “Huck and Finn get in a boat and float down the river” or does it say “these two scamps are exploring friendship in an unfriendly world?” (no idea if it really says that, just making an example.)

MISTAKE #5: Lack of Credibility

This is not to say that you, yourself are not credible. But even if you have 20 years of experience in your field of expertise, the listener may not KNOW this.

Your website should highlight your accomplishments, places you’ve been featured and people who are better for having had known you.

Your home page and about page should really be selling YOU. How are you showing that you’re the one they should turn to for advice/entertainment/inspiration?

MISTAKE #6: You Don’t Look Ready For A Sponsor

This is a common one because we know that advertisers don’t always pitch podcasters, it often goes the other way. But what if you DID have a sponsor wander along in your direction? Do you have a sponsorship section?

Sponsors like to see things FAST. Having a sponsor section allows them to get the highlights they need without doing too much work.

MISTAKE #7: Give People A Clear Place To Start

When someone lands on your website, is it 100% obvious as do what they’re supposed to DO when they get there?

Even though WE as podcasters know how to access a podcast (I’m assuming), many website users do NOT know how to listen.

If your website homepage is full of TA-DA! type of information, it’s possible that your readers will get overwhelmed and give up. So make it SUPER EASY to do what you want them to do.

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