A week earlier I’d published my own podcast for the first time, having been the co-host on a show for over a year prior.As I sat in my office I remember thinking to myself that at some point, I wanted to work in podcasting full time.

The day that we launched Podcast Websites into beta, February 18th 2015, Kieran and I sat in my home office and sketched out a vision for the next five years.

We kept that vision to ourselves whilst we built the first and second versions of Podcast Websites and as we built our team from the two of us into the team that we have today, both here in the United Kingdom and of course, the United States.

Prior to launching our beta, we had made a plan to be in revenue from day one, to make sure that the business had a solid financial basis before beginning to expand and make the very vision that we’d created in 2015 a reality.

I’ve founded startups with investment before and done well enough with them to understand that for Podcast Websites, we didn’t want to be beholden to investors.

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