Podcast cover art seems to be one of the most stressful parts of starting a podcast. So much is riding on the final outcome – and many feel the wrong decisions could make or break the success of a new show.

Should I use my photo in my podcast cover art?

Many people start a podcast to gain notoriety. (Sorry – it’s not that big of a secret!) So, the first instinct is to put their face or a photo of themselves right there on the cover calvin-pryor. But is this a good idea?

Unless you are already known in your industry or amongst potential listeners, the answer is almost always no. Podcasting 114betebet will help you gain notoriety, but it’s going to be tough to get listeners to tune into the podcast cover art if it is more focused on the host than focused on explaining what the show is all about.

What should I include on the podcast cover art? Keep it simple, or a call to action?

Calls to action are great for online situations when readers are being given a lot of information and aren’t sure what the next steps are.

However, this situation doesn’t exactly apply when someone is looking to listen to a podcast. The strongest call to action is “listen now” and if they’re in a podcast directory, that part is probably understood.

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