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Now playing, Custom Meditation and Personal Art Videos, now on my YouTube Channel:

Meditation Vibes

10 Minute Meditation / Self Soothing / Butterfly Wings

Please enjoy this 10 minute ‘Self Soothing’ Meditation to process and reconnect with your Inner Self. Such Beautiful Butterfly Wings…


5 Minute Meditation / Calm Your Mind / Recharge Your Day Vibes

Please enjoy this 5 minutes Meditation to process and reconnect with your Inner Self. Calm your mind to recharge your energy and power through your day metformina sin receta.

Stress Relief / Powerful Positive Affirmations / Meditation

Please Relax and enjoy this “Stress Relief” Meditation. Full of Powerful Positive Affirmations.

Art Therapy Drawings

SPEED DRAWING #16: Draw Angel of Wings / Time Lapse Art

An illusion of the darkness surrounded in the light


SPEED DRAWING #21: Galaxy Dreams / Time Lapse Art

For the nights you wonder about the stars

SPEED DRAWING #31: Molded Rose / Time Lapse Art

When your dipped into water breaking the mold


SPEED DRAWING #32: Secretly Sinking / Autism Mom / Time Lapse Art

STILL, I’ll ALWAYS swim for my daughter

SPEED DRAWING #37: Roar / Time Lapse Art

For the day you hear your voice…..


SPEED DRAWING #44: Red Bling Heels / Time Lapse Art

Here’s to making YOU shiny and new..

SPEED DRAWING #50: Rose Vines / Time Lapse Art

Enjoy the beauty of the Rose not the Vines holding you down


SPEED DRAWING #51: Black Beautiful Swan / Time Lapse Art

To gracefully accepting those flaws

SPEED DRAWING #53: Medusa Eyes / Time Lapse Art

When your eyes are set in stone….stay determined!

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