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Meditation Vibes

10 Minute Meditation / Self Soothing / Butterfly Wings

Please enjoy this 10 minute ‘Self Soothing’ Meditation to process and reconnect with your Inner Self. Such Beautiful Butterfly Wings…


5 Minute Meditation / Calm Your Mind / Recharge Your Day Vibes

Please enjoy this 5 minutes Meditation to process bdsm tube and reconnect with your Inner Self blog here. Calm your mind to recharge your energy and power through your day metformina sin receta.

Stress Relief / Powerful Positive Affirmations / Meditation

Please Relax and enjoy this “Stress Relief” Meditation. Full of Powerful Positive Affirmations.

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Art Therapy Drawings

SPEED DRAWING #16: Draw Angel of Wings / Time Lapse Art

An illusion of the darkness surrounded in the light


SPEED DRAWING #21: Galaxy Dreams / Time Lapse Art

For the nights you wonder about the stars

SPEED DRAWING #31: Molded Rose / Time Lapse Art

When your dipped into water breaking the mold


SPEED DRAWING #32: Secretly Sinking / Autism Mom / Time Lapse Art

STILL, I’ll ALWAYS swim for my daughter

SPEED DRAWING #37: Roar / Time Lapse Art

For the day you hear your voice…..


SPEED DRAWING #44: Red Bling Heels / Time Lapse Art

Here’s to making YOU shiny and new..

SPEED DRAWING #50: Rose Vines / Time Lapse Art

Enjoy the beauty of the Rose not the Vines holding you down


SPEED DRAWING #51: Black Beautiful Swan / Time Lapse Art

To gracefully accepting those flaws

SPEED DRAWING #53: Medusa Eyes / Time Lapse Art

When your eyes are set in stone….stay determined!

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