Welcome Butterflies & Beautiful Souls,

My name is Vanessa and this is my Diary. My Personal Pages. My Thoughts and words. I add stories about other people, so you can understand my own.

Join me on my path to Self Discovery, Spiritual Connections, and being the Positive Influencer I aspire to be! I am more than a Single Mother, a Special Needs Parent, Decision Maker, and the Driver. I’m still a Beautiful Woman inside, too. Even with a Prolactinoma Brain Tumor diagnosis, I am blessed to struggle through another day. Finding my Dreams and Positive Influences (butterflies, astrology, empathy, etc) is building a new road to beginnings. All the Signs and Dreams led me to start my Podcast. Promote Awareness and Support for the Special Needs Community. We are not alone.

Thank you for listening and giving me the push to continue on my Journey!

Smile from your Heart.
Be Positive.
I Will, too!

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