Butterfly Meditation

Welcome to an extended version of my Diary. A little something to show you support. A Meditation Exercise that I personally use to bring on the Positive times. Included is my exciting news, My YouTube Channel (ButterflyMoonMama)! A animated series based on my Podcast, Meditation videos, and my Personal Art Drawings that I use as a form of Art Therapy. Our Dreams start somewhere…..Be Positive. I will, too!

The Key to Unlocking my Pages.

Starting my Diary: Turning the pages to self discovery. Single mother to a Special Needs Child. I am more than a Mother, a Decision Maker, and a Driver. I'm still a Beautiful Confident Woman inside, too. Finding my Dreams and Positive Influences (butterflies, astrology, empathy, etc) is building my new road to Beginnings. A Spiritual Path to Success.

Butterfly Moon (Trailer)

Welcome Butterflies and Beautiful Souls. My name is Vanessa and this is my Diary. My personal pages. My thoughts and words. I add stories about other people, so you can understand my own. Join me on my path to self discovery, spiritual connections, and being the positive influencer I aspire to be! I am more than a single mother, a special needs parent, decision maker, and a driver. I’m still a beautiful woman inside, too. Read more…